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Settling into our new ranch

Arabian Horses ~ A family farm since 1960

After almost 30 years in one spot (the previous 11 of Ravenwood's existance was in Colorado), Ravenwood Ranch moved just about 25 miles north to Ronan, Montana. We really love it here - the scenery is incredible and the new house is great. We are working on fencing and barns. Two people do all the work, Jane and Al. You can follow the signs to meet the bloodstock, see the babies, learn our history from Evelyn.

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Keeping Up with Updates

Jane keeps up with visitors on the discussion board and the mares keep the foals list growing. The sales list changes frequently, so feel free to email Jane for an update. Bookmark these pages and check the message board often for announcements.

Our Horses, Video and Site

We can't feature all of the horses here at once. So request our video so that you can see more of them. We needed a new site look to go along with our new ranch. Eventually all the old pages will catch up with the new ones. Please let us know what you like, desire to see, or even what isn't working. And plan on a live tour here in Montana soon!

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RG Al Mone

RG Al Mone lives on at Ravenwood through his many wonderful foals, grand foals, ad infinitum. Why not start with him?

Al & Jane Bohn
216 Ryan Lane
Ronan, MT 59864
PHONE: 406 676-3624
FAX: 406 676-3689

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